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Chris was professional and honest with his inspection. He ended up saving me a lot of money and worrying, by explaining what problems needed fixed and what things were merely cosmetic. Thank you!
- Steve K.
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Our Louisville Foundation Repair Pros Team

Our team of foundation repair professionals has the expertise and efficiency you need to quickly inspect and repair your home's foundation. With over 20 years in the foundation company business, we've become the trusted name in foundation crack repair and basement waterproofing services in Louisville. Trust our foundation repair company to get the job done right the first time.

Still have questions about foundation repair in Louisville, KY? Give us a call to get some answers and get on our schedule for your foundation repair services. When you find a foundation crack, the Louisville Foundation Repair Pros have your back!

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Foundation Repair in Louisville, Done Right!

Your local foundation service pros are there when you need us, whether it's to complete an inspection of a crack in your home's foundation or level a commercial building, we're there for your repair. Learn more about our foundation repair services and schedule an appointment for foundation inspection today!

Foundation Inspections

Foundation inspections in Louisville are completed by a structural engineer or a foundation repair contractor. The foundation, as well as the interior and exterior of the home or building, are surveyed for damaged. The inspector will then explain to the customer recommended repair services and provide an estimate.

Foundation Crack Repair

When you experience the need for a foundation crack repair, your Louisville Foundation Repair Pros are the team for you. We recommend not waiting to repair a crack because it can cause increased costs and repercussions years later. When your contractor arrives to repair your foundation crack, you can expect efficiency, expertise, and reliability!

Foundation Leveling

Foundation leveling means to return a foundation as close as possible to its original position. Residences or commercial properties with drainage issues or poor underlying soil are more prone to sinkage and the need for leveling services. Contact our foundation experts to get to the root of your foundation's structural problem and complete house leveling services in your Louisville area. 

Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete foundations are the most common across the state of Kentucky due to the durability and decreased cost of installation. However, when you're in need of concrete foundation repair in Louisville, it's most likely due to poor underlying soil or extreme temperature and weather changes causing the slab to crack or sink. Don't wait to schedule and procure your concrete slab repair services today!

Residential Foundation Repair

As a homeowner, you take pride in your home and want to make sure it protects your family. However, foundations have been known to throw a wrench in your safety through the crumbling foundation, bulging walls, leaning chimneys, and large foundation cracks. Don't hesitate to receive an inspection and residential foundation repair from your local Louisville professionals.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial buildings are more prone to structural issues due to the vast weight of buildings and often, the advanced age of properties. It's important for not only residential foundation repairs but also commercial foundations to receive consistent foundation inspection services to make sure everything is in functioning properly. 

Crawl Space

Crawl spaces in Louisville  can be difficult to repair so it's best to leave it to the professionals. Our team can complete crawl space repair, encapsulation, install a vapor barrier, and more. If you think you need your crawl space fixed then be sure to call our trusted local foundation repair company, Louisville Foundation Repair Pros. Our crawl space experts have you covered! Reach out today to learn more.


When water damage hits hard it can be tricky to know where to turn. Don't wait! If there is water entering your basement or crawl space, give our Louisville foundation waterproofing professionals a call. We'll make sure your foundation is water-tight by completing sump pump installation, french drain installation, or seal cracks with foundation crack repair. Give us a call today for more information!

Basement Repair

Are you noticing cracks in your basement walls? It might mean that you require basement repair in Louisville, KY. Our foundation repair contractors are fully versed in all kinds of fixes for your basement. We'll make sure you can have peace of mind when we leave that your foundation is strong and secure from external elements. 

Unbeatable Foundation Repair in Louisville

Something's in life are worth waiting for...foundation repair is NOT one of them! Contact your Louisville Foundation Repair Pros for the expert services you need to repair your home or commercial property's foundation.

Foundation Repair Services in Louisville You Can Rely On!

When you experience a crack in your foundation, it’s important to find a company that will fully assess your home and will advise you on the best path forward. Too often we find that residential homeowners will put off fixing a crack that could be patched or plugged only to have more expensive fixes down the road. That’s why we encourage homeowners and commercial property owners to call us at the first sign of foundation distress. When you notice the first signs of cracks, don’t look back and pick up the phone! Our team of expert foundation repair pros in Louisville will complete a free quote based on their assessment. Louisville Foundation Repair is the choice for foundation repair services in your area.


Thorough Foundation Inspection Services

When you receive your residential or commercial foundation inspection, our Louisville contractors will guide you through the process and educate you on what they are assessing and why. First, your foundation expert will visually inspect the property, noticing any on-site factors such as poor drainage or sloping of the land.

Next, the inspector will ask you questions about construction dates and history, identifying construction type and materials used. They will also ask you to point out areas of concern that you, as the homeowner, have noticed (i.e. cracks in the exterior or interior, doors not closing).

Then, your foundation repair expert will complete a foundation inspection at your Louisville home of the exterior foundation and interior. They’ll also communicate to you what they notice and advise along the way, ultimately determining the severity of the situation. At Louisville Foundation Repair, we take our time to get to know each repair project individually as each home and foundation repair is unique and different! 

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Foundation Crack Repair in Louisville, KY

When you notice a foundation crack, frequently the first thought is, “oh no...what is this going to cost me?” We get it! Foundation repair in Louisville usually is accompanied by the exponential costs. Foundation projects in particular are notorious for being expensive and for good reason, it’s the stable base of your home. What if we told you that there are cracks in your foundation that are inconsequential? This means that they are caused by changes in weather, shrinkage after curing, and the house settling.

The good news is if you find small foundation cracks early and have them assessed by your local foundation experts, it won’t break the bank to repair it. However, it’s important to find a trusted company that can offer you an extensive assessment of your home's foundation to determine if it’s a quick fix or if there are external factors impacting your foundation. Contact your foundation repair professionals today for more information and a free foundation crack repair assessment!


Top Notch House Foundation Leveling

When you buy a home, you expect that your home, including the floors, walls, and doors frames, are all level. Yet, with time, you may begin to notice that a door on one side of the home doesn’t fit right into the door jam or the kitchen floor feels slanted.

That’s when it’s time to explore your options with Louisville Foundation Repair for foundation leveling. The process of leveling means lifting the foundation and thereby the home, back to the level of when it was first installed. Of course, depending on the type of foundation you have, such as a concrete slab or pier & beam foundation, determines the method of foundation leveling. However, it’s important to contact your local Louisville foundation contractors to determine the level of severity and need for foundation leveling services!

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Concrete Foundation Repair in your Louisville Neighborhood

At Louisville Foundation Repair, we’ve found that the majority of the newer homes and commercial properties we work with have concrete foundations. There are also pier & beam foundations, however, they are less common unless you have an older build property. Our foundation professionals find that the most common causes of concrete foundation repair needs are being built on expansive soil or clay, poor drainage or extreme seasonal changes, or flooding. Our most common methods for concrete foundation repair in Louisville is through slab jacking or piering. Though it’s important to receive a thorough assessment to determine the best course of action. Contact your local foundation repair company to receive a free quote and get the assistance you need!


Efficient & Effective Residential Foundation Repair

Your residential property is your home but, also it’s an investment. Louisville Foundation Repair Pros want to help you protect your assets and ensure your family is safe through foundation repair services in Louisville. If you notice any of these tell-tale signs of foundation distress, contact our foundation company quickly to assess your residential foundation repair needs. Common signs may include a leaning chimney, cracks in the interior walls or foundation itself, doors and windows that stick or don’t close completely, sloping floors, sinking foundation (often noticed from an exterior vantage point) and bowing or leaning walls.

If you require residential foundation repair services, contact your local pros at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros! We’ll make sure you receive a thorough assessment of your foundation and quickly provide you with a plan of action forward to restore your peace of mind.

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Exceptional Commercial Foundation Repair

When you own a commercial property, you want to make sure it’s in tip-top shape all times to ensure the safety of the employees or tenants. That’s why, we make sure to stress the importance of regular foundation assessments for commercial properties. Louisville Foundation Repair can also provide an inspection when you’re debating buying a property as a safeguard. After all, commercial foundation repair is no rookie job. Commercial buildings are often large, requiring a considerable amount of concrete making them more prone to cracking, shifting, and moving. 

Contact your Louisville community foundation team of experts to assess and resolve your foundation repair issues for your commercial property. We have the knowledge, expertise, and skill you need to fix any commercial foundation repair or concern!


Our Louisville Foundation Repair Service Areas - We'll Be There in No Time!

Our team of foundation professionals provides services all over Kentucky and parts of Indiana as well. Whether you need foundation repair New Albany or Mt. Washington, we have you covered in all service areas!

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