Top 7 Things to Do Near Jeffersonville, KY, This Weekend

January 28, 2021

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If you’re looking for something fun to do near Jeffersonville, KY, this weekend, you’re not without options! The city and nearby Louisville and other hotspots offer residents and visitors a number of indoor and outdoor attractions, perfect for a unique date or family outing.

To ensure you never get bored or overlook any amazing sights and sounds in the area, check out this quick list of 7 things to do near Jeffersonville, KY, this weekend. As always, call ahead to ensure nothing is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions or other disruptions, and bring masks for everyone in the family in case they’re required indoors and to keep yourself safe!

Best Things to Do Near Jeffersonville

1. Kentucky Reptile Zoo

If you’re up to a quick 20-minute drive, head over to the Kentucky Reptile Zoo in nearby Slade. A perfect choice for anyone who loves reptiles, this zoo regularly houses over 70 species of snakes, lizards, and much more. You can visit their 18-foot python and see cobras, rattlesnakes, and more slithering friends up close! To find out more about their exhibits and check on business hours, visit their website at

2. Daniel Boone National Forest

things to do in jeffersonville ky

(Image by Alan Cressler)

Yet another short drive away, the Daniel Boone National Forest offers lots to see and do for outdoor lovers! With over 700,000 of rugged terrain, the forest offers plenty of space for hiking, biking, and picnicking. The 269-mile hiking trail also has lots of room for horseback riding if you prefer to saddle up. To find out more about the park and browse a map of the area, check out their website at

3. Duncan Tavern Historic Center

Built around 1790, the Duncan Tavern has seen its share of famous visitors over the years, including frontiersmen Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton. The fully-restored, three-story limestone building offers tours and lots of educational information about the local area from times past, and also serves as a great space for weddings and other fun events. The tavern does close at various seasons, so be sure to check their website at before heading out.

4. Elkhorn Campground

elkhorn campground jeffersonville ky

(Image by Lasnover2004)

If you love camping and especially if you’re looking for a family-friendly spot to enjoy with the kids, check out the Elkhorn Campground. This campsite has built up a reputation for ensuring their visitors and guests enjoy the site, and offers a pool, miniature golf course, horseshoe pits, volleyball court, basketball court, and much more! As with all businesses, they have experienced shutdowns due to COVID-19 restrictions so be sure to check their website,, and call ahead about available sites before packing up your gear and heading out.

5. Carter Caves State Park

A million years of erosion have created some of the most stunning caves you’ll find in the state when you visit Carter Caves State Park, in nearby Olive Hill. There are lighted walkways snaking through the caves so you can explore safely, even without any spelunking skills or experience! The park’s lodge also offers a cozy environment when you’re ready to relax after exploring, and there are also lots of outdoor space for hiking, biking, and otherwise exploring. To find out more, visit their website at

6. The Hummel Planetarium

hummel planetarium jeffersonville ky

(Image by Chiefshu)

Located on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University, the Hummel Planetarium offers a variety of exhibits and shows throughout the year. The planetarium also offers plenty of educational opportunities to learn about the moon phases, NASA, space exploration, and much more. Unfortunately, the planetarium has suffered prolonged closures due to COVID-19 restrictions but has also worked diligently to reopen, so check their website at to find out if and when they’re ready to receive visitors!

7. Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate

henry clay estate jeffersonville ky

(Image by Brien Bouyea)

If you love regal architecture, don’t miss out on Ashland, otherwise known as the Henry Clay Estate. Henry Clay (1777-1852), a statesman who represented Kentucky in both the Senate and House, the 7th House Speaker, and 9th Secretary of State, stayed at this estate throughout his life. The home and grounds are now open to visitors, so you can tour its rooms and get a unique look at life from over 150 years ago! The estate does close on occasion for cleaning and other care, so visit its website at to check current hours of operation.

Louisville Foundation Repair Pros is proud to offer this information to our readers and we hope you find this list of 7 things to do near Jeffersonville, KY, this weekend helpful. As there are so many amazing sights and sounds to enjoy in and around Jeffersonville, we know that property owners have better ways to spend their weekend than worrying about foundation repairs! If you spot signs of foundation damage or have been putting of a much-needed inspection, call us here at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros. We offer full-service foundation repair in Jefferson, KY, and stand behind all our work with a full guarantee you can trust!

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