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Our foundation contractors have over 20 years in the business under their belt. So, when it comes to basement foundation repair in Louisville, KY, you can rest assured knowing that the experts are on the job. The team at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros is dedicated to the local community. We believe that it's our responsibility to help hold the people of our area up, metaphorically speaking. A foundation is a stable base that the house is built on. Every foundation repair that our contractors complete is making the homes in the Louisville community stronger and last through the strong storms.

When a homeowner faces foundation issues, they don't want a second-rate general contractor. They need a foundation expert who has years of training. After all, a lot of time and money is poured into these projects so you need to trust who you hire. That's why, Louisville Foundation Repair Pros are transparent with customers every step of the way including the process, options for methods, and the cost of suggested repairs.

Give our team of foundation experts a call today and ask how to get started with your basement foundation repairs!

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Signs You Need Basement Foundation Repair Services!

Most homeowners avoid their basement because it's dark, dingy, and have no reason to go down there. However, our foundation professionals challenge you to go take a hard look at your basement. Here's a checklist of things to look for or take note of for basement foundation repair Louisville.

  1. Any Musty or Mildew Smell: This may mean moisture is seeping in undetected causing problems in the long term.
  2. Cracks in the Walls or Floors: If you are noticing multiple cracks in the floors or walls, this can indicate foundation problems. Take note of any horizontal cracks in the walls as these are the most serious.
  3. Presence of Water: Go down to the basement after a heavy rainstorm. Are you noticing any water pooling or drips in the walls? Time to call in the basement waterproofing and foundation repair team in Louisville.
  4. Bowing or Leaning Walls: Have you noticed that your walls are beginning to lean or bow? This is a serious sign for foundation damage and you'll need to call our foundation contractors as soon as possible.

If you note any of these basement foundation issues, give us a call to begin the process and ensure that your home and family are safe!

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Louisville Basement Foundation Repair Costs & Processes

Homeowners are entitled to know exactly what to expect when it comes to home services. So, our foundation repair pros want you to know about both the costs and the process for repairs. Typically, a foundation repair will cost between $1,500 and $6,500 depending on the type of service provided. When you only need foundation crack repair in Louisville, this is a less invasive and intense service and can cost as low as $500. However, if you require extensive repairs such as piers drilled in or house leveling, this may cost about $10,000 or more. This is why we urge homeowners to come to us as soon as they notice any issues.

The processes for basement foundation repair vary depending on the current structure of the house as well as your budget for services. Our Louisville foundation team likes to offer options to homeowners as well as flexible financing options. For example, the foundation inspection may turn up a basement leak, which requires a sump pump installation. However, the contractor may be able to patch up the leak in the interim until you're ready for the pump. Give our team a call today with any questions!

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Don't Hire Just Anyone to Repair Your Basement Foundation!

If you're having plumbing issues, you wouldn't call an electrician, right? So, when you experience foundation issues, make sure you're trusting a qualified professional. Our Louisville basement and foundation repair team make quick work of otherwise unruly foundation issues. 

Trust the foundation repair company with over 20 years in the business. We offer competitive pricing, financing options, and employ a communicative group of professionals. Expect nothing but the best! Contact us today for a free quote on your foundation repair services in Louisville, Kentucky


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Hired them to correct shoddy construction in the crawl space of my large duplex condo. They inspected, measure, custom fit steel beams, and made more support points, with permanent adjustable jacks. No more sinking or cracks. Professional job.


Foundation Repair Services Available

Foundation repair services can seem daunting. The professionals at Louisville Foundation Repair want to make the process seamless and easy for homeowners. Whether you're just getting started with a foundation inspection or require waterproofing services after flooding, our foundation contractors are there for you. Receive a quote for foundation repair costs today!


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Don't wait to repair that crack in your foundation or waterproof your foundation from the elements! Contact your team of foundation experts at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros today at (502) 829-6911!
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