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Expert Commercial Foundation Repairs

Louisville Foundation repair Pros are the number #1 choice for commercial foundation repair near you. What sets us apart from other foundation repair companies, is our passion as well as knowledge and expertise around commercial property foundations. Our team of foundation professionals has worked on countless commercial buildings including office buildings, apartment buildings, and private state buildings. Whatever project you have, we're the team for you. When you work with our foundation contractors you can expect the highest level reliability and expertise.

Don’t hesitate to receive a foundation inspection and commercial foundation repair services in your Louisville area today!


Warning Signs for Commercial Foundations in Louisville

Shifting and settling can be normal, however, excessive movement of the building’s foundation is a recipe for disaster. Common signs of commercial foundation repair needs include: 

  • Exterior & Interior Cracks & Fractures: When you notice the separation of external fascia or cracks more than ¼- ½ inch wide, then this can be cause for concern. It should also be considered that brick is prone to growth and expansion over time. More often than not, cracks can be cosmetic but it’s good to receive another opinion from your local Kentucky foundation experts.
  • Unleveled or Sagging Floors: If you realize that your commercial building is experiencing unleveled or sagging floors, this can indicate that the foundation has shifted or is continuing to move due to external forces.
  • Bowing in Walls or Retaining wall: When the external force is greater than the strength of the wall, this can cause bowing or leaning of a retaining wall. This increases the risk of collapse if not reinforced immediately by a foundation repair company.
  • Plumbing Issues: When there are prolonged plumbing issues in a building, this can impact the foundation indirectly due to water leaking into the soil or moisture build-up, causing the foundation to combat excessive water through sinkage. 

Whether you require residential foundation repair in Louisville or commercial foundation services in the downtown area, Louisville Foundation Repair Pros is the foundation company for you!

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Building History & Potential Impact on Foundation Repair

New construction projects are now built with the most advanced technology with concrete slabs being reinforced by piers and extensive precautions taken before problems arise. Yet, in the past, building tended to be constructed quickly and without structural engineers consulting for the best design based on the land/environment. It’s possible that aspects such as soil expansion and stabilization, tree roots growing nearby, the weight of the building, land inclination or sloping, and proper water drainage were not considered during the building process. There are also companies that may have provided commercial projects repair services that were not up to par, completing shifty patch repair jobs.

If you require commercial foundation repair services due to a poor patch job or extensive foundation damages, contact Louisville Foundation Repair Pros today!

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Don’t Allow the Cracks to Attack Louisville!

For commercial foundation repairs and all of our foundation projects in Louisville, your local professionals use state-of-the-art materials to strengthen and improve the integrity of the structure. The most common types of Louisville foundation repair approaches include helical piers, push pier systems, slab jacking or foundation leveling, and wall anchoring. When our foundation inspector arrives at your commercial property, they will determine the largest concerns impacting the structural integrity of the building and provide you with written recommendations and an estimate of foundation repair services. 

Get in touch with our friendly, local foundation experts in Louisville to get started on your quick inspection and estimate. 



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Hired them to correct shoddy construction in the crawl space of my large duplex condo. They inspected, measure, custom fit steel beams, and made more support points, with permanent adjustable jacks. No more sinking or cracks. Professional job.


Additional Foundation Services

Foundation repair services are not just for residential customers. Louisville Foundation Repair Pros are also specialized in providing exceptional commercial foundation repairs to businesses across Kentucky. Call our team to learn more about the commercial services offered in your Louisville neighborhood!

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