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For homeowners and commercial business owners in Kentucky, concrete slab foundations are the most common type. Concrete slab foundations are often the first choice due to the ease with which they are installed by foundation contractors as well as being the least expensive option. Yet, concrete slabs tend to be more prone to cracking with extreme changes in temperature or weather conditions. When your home is in need, we’re the team for concrete foundation repair in Louisville for you! Contact your local Louisville Foundation Repair Pros for more information on foundation inspection and a repair quote!

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Why Fix What’s Simply Cracked?: Your Concrete Slab Foundation

When you see a crack in your foundation, you may brush it off as no big deal. This is especially true for Louisville residents that own an older home and may think that foundation cracking is a typical part of the foundation lifecycle. At Louisville Foundation Repair Pros, we pride ourselves on educating our customers. So, when you see small hairline cracks or vertical cracks, those may have been from when the home first settled after the concrete was poured. However, if you find cracks that are more than 1/8th of an inch, leaking moisture, or there are bowing or leaning structures or walls nearby, it’s time for a house foundation repair. 

When you experience a crack, we have your back at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros! Contact us today to set an appointment for a foundation inspection by one of our foundation contractors. 

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Repairing Concrete Foundations in Louisville

In the past, concrete slab foundations were repaired with extensive disruption to the family or business with poor techniques for sunken slabs and structures. However, since then, there are now more successful methods for concrete foundation repair for Louisville homes. They’re also less invasive than pier and beam foundation methods and don’t require crawl space work. Currently, the most common methods are called slab jacking and piering. 

  • Slabjacking: when your contractor completed the repair via slab jacking, grout is injected beneath the slab through drilled holes thereby producing a force to lift the slab to its original position. Therefore, the slab will not have to be replaced in any way, is structurally reinforced, and offers you a less expensive process.
  • Piering (Piling):  this technique is often used to repair a foundation settlement involving using steel pipe piling which is driven into load-bearing stratum.

The process of repairing your concrete foundation varies from one project to the next due to each home, foundation, and land being different. If your concrete slab needs a more simple repair, our foundation repair company also offers patches and sealants. This is used to repair cracks in the concrete that do not directly impact the structure of the foundation and integrity of the structure. These cracks in the concrete foundation can be caused by settling of the house, which is not a serious issue, however, they should be filled before an issue is created.

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Costs of Your Concrete Foundation Repair in Louisville

At Louisville Foundation Repair Pros, we work with homeowners and commercial business owners on the proposed project costs. Our company can also offer payment plans or work with loan companies if necessary because we know that sometimes the costs can be a lot for the foundation repair required to complete. Our foundation experts also have a variety of methods they used to repair foundation cracks and concrete slab leveling. Therefore, it’s also a possibility for our foundation inspector to recommend more than one course of action for the same project which allows you to weigh pros and cons as well as expenses and time duration. It should be known that based on the above concrete repair techniques, slab jacking is much more cost-effective. 

When you require a house foundation repair in your Louisville neighborhood, the #1 choice for foundation services is Louisville Foundation Repair Pros! We’re the only foundation company in the area offering a lifetime warranty for the foundation repair services we provide!


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The foundation of your home is similar to a tree's roots. When something impacts the base or roots, it can cause a domino effect and cause the tree to die. Don't let the cracks in your concrete slab foundation turn into a full-blown problem that requires extensive services. When you experience cracking in your concrete foundation slab, it’s an urgent matter so contact your local pros quickly for a foundation inspection. Our foundation experts like to recommend to customers that when you see a crack, check-in with us. Based on your description, we can recommend the best course of action forward whether that be for you to watch the crack the next few months observing for expansion, scheduling a foundation inspection, or ultimately, a concrete foundation repair in Louisville, KY!

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