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Louisville Foundation Repair Pros are the professionals you need to complete your foundation leveling services in a time-efficient and affordable manner. Our expert foundation contractors also know that homeowners and commercial foundation leveling projects are best completed with the assistance of a structural engineer. This allows us to document measurements of the foundation elevation before and after, track the amount of foundation that has been lifted, and track the foundation throughout its lifetime. 

Our Kentucky foundation experts are the best in the business. Because we’re passionate about the foundation work we do, we offer a full lifetime warranty, take the time to educate our customers, and can recommend strategies to ensure the protection of your foundation for the years to come.

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What Does It Mean To Have a Foundation Leveled?

How to know when you require foundation leveling? The only way to know for sure is to schedule an inspection with our foundation repair company. When our team of foundation experts arrives to complete the foundation inspection, they will determine if you need leveling. Though this can often be interpreted as a laborious job, we want you to know what it means to have your foundation leveled. Foundation leveling is not considered a “repair.” When a foundation is leveled, it is elevated to the original position when it was first formed. However, it’s not considered a complete fix because the foundation itself is not stabilized and is still prone to cracking due to the poor or expansive soil that lies under the home. Therefore, we do not want to mislead our customers. It should be known that leveling can be temporary as the moisture in the soil can change and cause movement in the foundation, especially when it is a concrete slab foundation. 

Next time you desire foundation leveling services in Louisville to restore the elevation of your home, call your friendly, local team of foundation contractors!

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Types of Foundation Leveling in Louisville

When your foundation inspection is completed, the foundation professionals will measure the level of the structure as most homes are no more than 1.5-2 inches out of level from the original position. Most homeowners don’t even notice when the foundation of their home is not completely level. Leveling is completed differently based on the type of foundation that a Louisville resident or commercial business owner has. 

  • Pier & Beam Foundation Leveling: This type of foundation can be repaired by installing steel or concrete piling to reinforce beams around the perimeter of the home’s foundation. Most often, a pier and beam foundation has rotted or damaged wood beams that require reinforcement by our foundation team of contractors. The center of the structure can also be reinforced as well by adding shims or concrete spacers which are shorter than beams to fill in gaps. 
  • Concrete Slab Jacking: When this type of level is completed by our Louisville experts, it may require excavation services as well in order to make room to install reinforcements such as concrete piers or pilings. Then, the foundation will be inspected to further determine the best course of action in order to lift the foundation to its prior position.

When you require house leveling or foundation repair services in Louisville, don’t wait a minute longer to contact your local experts to get started.

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Foundation Sinking & Settling in Louisville Kentucky

Unfortunately, a typical problem that our Louisville contractors encounter is foundation sinking and over settling with homes and commercial properties in the area. We find that, ultimately, the main cause is water and soil. Water damage and flooding, especially in the basement of a home or business, can cause unwanted widening of cracks or formation of new cracks in the foundation requiring basement repair. Soil is another driving force for foundation cracks as it can quickly expand and shift when there is fluctuating hydration (drying or absorbing) in the soil thereby causing movement or shifting under the foundation base. There is also the possibility of your home having problems with pipes leaking causing water to seep under the foundation and impact the level of the foundation. 

If a foundation sinks and settles too much, then it is much more prone to cracking due to movement and shifting. That’s why it’s important you don’t wait to contact your Louisville local pros to provide foundation crack repair and return it to it’s leveled state. The best of foundation companies in all of Kentucky!



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Hired them to correct shoddy construction in the crawl space of my large duplex condo. They inspected, measure, custom fit steel beams, and made more support points, with permanent adjustable jacks. No more sinking or cracks. Professional job.


Additional Services Available

In addition to exceptional leveling services, there are often other foundation repair services that customers receive to insure the stability and strength of their home's foundation including foundation crack repair and concrete slab repair. Get in touch with our experts for foundation repair in Louisville, KY!

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Don't wait to repair that crack in your foundation or waterproof your foundation from the elements! Contact your team of foundation experts at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros today at (502) 829-6911!
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