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Slab jacking in Louisville is also known as concrete leveling. Our foundation repair company provides slab jacking services to customers in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas.

Your home is sinking and you don't know what to do. You may be thinking, "I can just wait for the house to settle." Unfortunately, this won't work. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. Slab jacking or also known as mud jacking is a simple solution that can save your foundation from further damage and keep your home in place while waiting for more permanent repairs. It's much less expensive than other options like underpinning. Plus, Louisville slab jacking usually takes only one day!

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Why is Slab Jacking Used as a Foundation Repair Method?

Slab jacking is another form of foundation repair that can be done on your home. A contractor will jack up the one side of the house using hydraulic equipment and dig out under it to remove just enough dirt to level it out. The process can take 6-12 hours, depending on the size of your home. Prices for this variation of foundation repair are usually more expensive than piering, but cheaper than underpinning.

Slab jacking Louisville, KY has been around since the 1940s however it didn't gain popularity until the 70s and 80s when houses started being built on slabs. The process wasn't used much by the construction industry until the 1980's because of the high cost. Prior to this, houses were anchored to foundations made of timber and piles driven into the ground.

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Signs You Need Concrete Leveling in Louisville, Kentucky

  • Cracked or uneven concrete: If the surface of your driveway is not even and you have cracks, then it needs to be fixed.
  • Thinning or soft soil: If the area around your house shows signs of a thinning soil or a softening one, then there's a good chance that your work needs slab jacking.
  • Cracks in brick sidewalks: Cracks in brick sidewalks are common signs of a crooked foundation. If you notice cracks in your brick sidewalk, you should immediately look for contractors who will fix the problem. They will most likely use slab jacking to do so.
  • Shifting floors: This sign is similar to the one before regarding cracked sidewalks. The only difference is that it affects the indoors. If you notice that your floors are no longer straight, then there's a good chance that your home needs slab jacking done.
  • Ground shifting/heaving: This sign is also easy to spot. Ground shifting requires immediate attention for homeowners, which usually means the application of slab jacking.
  • Sagging doors/windows: Another common problem that can be fixed with slab jacking is sagging doors and windows. The pressure of the soil on the concrete will warp the shape of your door or window frame, which will require immediate attention.
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Costs of Slab Jacking Your Home

A slab bit into the bedrock that is 10'-12' below grade. The cost to jack up the foundation and use a large hydraulic jack to remove the weight of the house from its foundation is $2,000.00. Other costs for this procedure may include labor, pipe extensions and connections, and rental of a crane or truck lift. The cost for this varies depending on the location of the house.

At Louisville Foundation Repair Pros, we're proud of our high-quality foundation repair work and focus on details, from the initial diagnosis to the final repairs. We offer a free estimate for any Louisville foundation repair service you need, including slab jacking a foundation.

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At the Louisville Foundation Repair Pros, we have been providing foundation repair and basement waterproofing services to homeowners. With 20+ years of experience as a family-owned company, we know how to take care of your foundation issues. 

Choosing the team at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros is a great decision because you will get the best services at the best price. We are well-established in the foundation repair industry with experience in providing solutions to foundation problems in Southern Indiana and Kentucky. Our foundation repair professionals operate with integrity and honesty and we will provide you with high-quality services in a cost-effective way. We will be happy to show you how our team can fix your house from the ground up today.

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Hired them to correct shoddy construction in the crawl space of my large duplex condo. They inspected, measure, custom fit steel beams, and made more support points, with permanent adjustable jacks. No more sinking or cracks. Professional job.


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While concrete lifting is one of our most popular concrete services, it's not our only one. We're the local experts when it comes to repairing foundations whether you're experiencing problems with a concrete slab, tree roots wrecking havoc, or need our expertise for the best solution.

Your Louisville foundation repair contractors offer a variety of foundation repair services to fit every foundation repair issue, whether you require residential or commercial repair services. Call to schedule a free quote for concrete leveling in Louisville today!

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