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Louisville Foundation Repair Pros are a leader in the residential foundation repair industry with over two decades of experience in foundation home services in Kentucky. When you experience a crack in your residential foundation structure, our foundation experts will be there to repair it! Our foundation company provides a variety of residential services including home leveling, foundation crack repair, and basement foundation repair and waterproofing for Louisville properties. Our team of foundation contractors also take their time to educate and inform the Louisville homeowner about the process so they have insight every step of the repair project. We also offer lifetime warranties because we’re so sure that our foundation repairs are superior to other foundation companies in Kentucky.

When you have a crack in your foundation, don’t let it attack! Louisville Foundation Repair Pros have the expertise you require. Schedule your foundation inspection in your Louisville neighborhood today!

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Residential Foundation Cracks & Warning Signs

Unfortunately, foundation failure is typical among homes in the midwest and southern regions due to soil having abundant levels of clay. This makes it increasingly expansive with weather change and extreme rain. But, how do you know when your home’s foundation needs repair? How do you determine the urgency of a residential foundation repair?

  • Cracked Walls: Look for cracks along walls, bricks, and grout lines separating along the interior or exterior of your home; When there is a separation more than ¼ inch, it’s time to call in the foundation team.
  • Doors & Windows: If your windows and doors are a struggle to move into the frame and get “stuck” frequently this may be a sign of foundation stress.
  • Water Damage: Though in itself water damage doesn’t mean foundation troubles, water damage can often lead to foundation cracks expanding and result in expensive repairs down the road. Our experts can install a sump pump or crawl space waterproofing for your Louisville residence. 
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Signs of Residential Foundation Failure & Distress

  • Sloping Floors: If your floors are beginning to slope to a point where you cannot open or close doors in certain areas or one side of the home is more level than the other, this can signify severe foundation failure or distress.
  • Bowing or Bulging Walls: When your walls or floors start to bulge or bow, it’s time to call in the foundation repair experts. If you have bowing basement walls especially, then it’s time for basement foundation repair on your Louisville home.

Rely on your local Louisville experts to evaluate your home and the provide residential foundation repair services you need!

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Residential Foundation Repair: Why Repair?

When your foundation’s integrity is lacking, this makes it a safety concern for all residents living in your home. At Louisville Foundation Repair Pros, we want to provide you with foundation repair services that will give you peace of mind that you’re inhabiting a safe and solid structure, and your family is protected. If you have a foundation problem, this also decreases the value of your home due to an increased risk of collapse without foundation repair services. Whether you need reinforcement and support for your settling foundation or require leaning chimney repair, we’re the foundation contractors for your Louisville residence!

Don’t hesitate to contact our foundation repair company and receive a free quote on your residential foundation repair in Louisville. 


Our Louisville Foundation Contractors Have the Solution

Our foundation company’s mission is to provide the highest quality foundation repair and basement waterproofing solutions as well as offer complete customer satisfaction. For the last twenty years, Louisville Foundation Repair Pros has been a part of the local community, restoring homes to their full structural potential. We assist all Louisville area customers to make the needed repairs and offer foundation repair services that are reliable and efficient.

When you require a foundation repair, call a Louisville company that cares! 

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Hired them to correct shoddy construction in the crawl space of my large duplex condo. They inspected, measure, custom fit steel beams, and made more support points, with permanent adjustable jacks. No more sinking or cracks. Professional job.


Additional Foundation Services

Louisville Foundation Repair Pros offer numerous residential foundation repair and precautionary services including basement waterproofing. If you'd like a home inspection to get to the root of your foundation problems, contact us today to schedule!

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Don't wait to repair that crack in your foundation or waterproof your foundation from the elements! Contact your team of foundation experts at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros today at (502) 829-6911!
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