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When water begins to leak through your foundation, you need a company you can trust to provide foundation waterproofing services. Thankfully, Louisville Foundation Repair Pros have the top waterproofing contractors in the Kentucky area. Our business team is efficient at serving the local customers, especially when the problems are dire, such as after a large storm. After a while, this can create costly water problems such as mold growth in your basement or poor drainage.

Don't wait on basement repairs in Louisville, KY! Call our contractors request an estimate for services including basement waterproofing, crawlspace waterproofing, sump pump installation, and french drain installation. 

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Water-Tight Basement Waterproofing

The biggest cost-determinant factor in basement waterproofing is time for your Louisville, KY house. If you wait too long for basement repair and waterproofing services, this can create irreversible damages. Our foundation repair company has seen hundreds of residential and commercial properties that ignored their leaks and water problems. This adds unintended costs to your bills such as mold removal or sump pump installation. 

Basement waterproofing Louisville KY includes three different approaches to your home's foundation:

  1. Exterior Methods: These are waterproofing methods that occur outside the home and on the exterior of the foundation. Most commonly, a coating is applied as a waterproofing barrier or a drainage system is used. The main goal of using exterior waterproofing is to block water from entering the foundation externally.
  2. Interior Methods: Interior waterproofing will often take place when there is already an issue with water entering the home. Common methods include coatings and vapor barriers. The goal is to prevent water from seeping into the foundation from the inside.
  3. Drainage Methods: Poor drainage is frequently the cause of basement water problems. Sometimes the current drainage system, such as a sump pump, will need to be replaced. French drains may also be used on the exterior to draw water away from the houses' foundation.
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Louisville Crawl Space Waterproofing

If your home has a crawl space, this can make it more susceptible to water damage problems. It's important to be aware of the signs that you need crawl space waterproofing in Louisville, KY. These red flags include standing water near or in the crawl space, mold and mildew growth, the presence of an insect or rodent infestation, rotting wood and beams, and air quality issues inside your house.

  • Exterior Crawl Space Waterproofing: Any kind of exterior waterproofing for a foundation with a crawl space is considered intensive and potentially high cost due to the labor involved. The techniques used are installing a moisture barrier or a drainage system to drain water away from the house.
  • Interior Crawl Space Waterproofing: When our foundation contractors complete interior crawl space waterproofing, it is typically more cost-effective and less labor-intensive. Techniques include crawl space encapsulation, sump pump installation, or a dehumidifier.

Our foundation waterproofing team is currently serving both the Kentucky and Indiana areas. Contact us receive a quote for crawl space waterproofing today!

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Professional French Drain Installation

When our contractors recommend a sump pump installation for a Louisville home, this typically comes with a lot of questions from the homeowner. Typically, the way that our foundation contractors explain this process is that a french drain provides a downhill channel for water to flow through including a pipe within the trench, and empties it a safe distance from your Louisville, KY home.

This foundation waterproofing method is recommended for a variety of foundation problems including for crawl spaces and concrete. Louisville Foundation Repair Pros are pros at installing traditional french drains, sometimes called curtain drains, which are considered the least difficult and obstructive features. The other type of french drain is called collector and interceptor drain which also direct runoff but have a filter.

Call our team to ask questions about our basement waterproofing services in Louisville, KY and get on the schedule today! 


Sump Pump Installation in Louisville, KY

When you contact our repair professionals about sump pump installation in Louisville, KY, we'll walk you through the process step-by-step. First, our team will evaluate your home for cracks, wet areas, and provide you with a price estimate. If you choose to move forward with interior waterproofing, the sump pump will collect the water that pools or leaks in and pump it back outside to drain into the ground.

Call us and ask us about adding a lifetime warranty or related services. We provide flexible hours so you'll never have trouble getting on our schedule. Our foundation waterproofing pros are fantastic at serving the Louisville and Lexington area. We'll get the job dob!

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Hired them to correct shoddy construction in the crawl space of my large duplex condo. They inspected, measure, custom fit steel beams, and made more support points, with permanent adjustable jacks. No more sinking or cracks. Professional job.


Additional Foundation Services in Louisville, KY

Not interested in basement waterproofing repair? Our contractors are serving the Louisville, KY 40214 area for foundation repair services.  Our crew also provides crawl space repair, concrete wall repair, crack repair, or other property repairs related to your home foundation. Get in touch and call one of the best companies to repair basements in Kentucky!

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House Leveling

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Foundation Inspection

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Don't wait to repair that crack in your foundation or waterproof your foundation from the elements! Contact your team of foundation experts at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros today at (502) 829-6911!
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