Skillful Foundation Crack Repair in Louisville You Can Depend On!

Skillful Foundation Crack Repair in Louisville

Our team of foundation repair contractors has the expertise and knowledge you need in order to repair the crack in your foundation quickly and without breaking the bank. With over 20 years in the foundation business, we’ve become a trusted local name in the community. Our foundation experts at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros are there when you need our assistance! When you see an unsightly crack that causes you concern, we’ll be there to fill in the crack, complete foundation waterproofing, and whatever else your home’s foundation may need to stay strong. 

Contact your local foundation contractors for your next residential foundation crack repair! We offer free quotes when completing a home inspection of your residence. 

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Benefits of Foundation Crack Repairs in Kentucky

Foundations are the base of your home, allowing it to withstand extreme rain, ice, and snow, tolerate changes in the soil, and flooding. With all that your foundation puts up with on a year-round basis, it’s essential to make sure that it’s in prime condition to guarantee quality performance without the presence of cracking. However, due to the nature of foundation, being made out of the concrete slab or concrete bricks and beams, it’s only natural that you experience some cracking. In Kentucky and the midwest, the soil quality is labeled as expansive, meaning that in comparison to other areas, the soil expands and compresses more easily. This creates movement and shifting under foundations, especially the concrete slab foundation.  That’s why it’s important to have a trusted foundation company to call when you experience cracking. 

At our company, we like to say, “when you have a crack, we’ve got your back.” 

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Foundation Cracks: When is it Time to Call?

When the concrete for your foundation is poured, normal settling occurs causing small “hairline cracks” to form. Yet, this is no reason to worry. Our foundation experts advise monitoring for cracks that are up to a 1/8th inch in width and mark with a pencil to track any expansion. 

  • Rule of thumb: wider than 1/8th inch, the crack should be monitored and sealed when there is no further expansion noted
  • If a crack is wider than a 1/2 inch, then it’s time to call in reinforcement via your local foundation repair contractors
  • If there is water or moisture leaking through a crack then it needs to be sealed as quickly as possible to prevent water damage and widening
  • If there is bulging as well it could be a structural problem
  • When a crack is moving horizontal versus vertical or diagonal, this may mean greater risk due to hydrostatic pressure (water pressure build-up). In this case, basement waterproofing or sump pump installation may be completed to combat water damage and continued buildup of pressure.
louisville foundation crack repair
foundation crack repair

Small vs. Large Crack Foundation Repair: What’s the difference in approach?

  • Small Cracks (Under a 1/2 inch wide): easily sealed at home with caulk or grout, not compromising the structural soundness of the home, may be caused by the house settling or extreme weather changes, foundation company can provide a basement repair by sealing it for you with epoxy, especially if there’s moisture coming through
  • Large Cracks (Over 1/2 inch wide): large foundation cracks may be the result of a structural problem with the foundation, especially if there is wall bulging or bending occurring, requires the expertise of a foundation repair company and possibly a structural engineer due to potential repairs using house leveling or pinning the walls with steel for reinforcement.

Other foundation repair companies don’t take the time to educate homeowners and walk you step by step through the process of foundation repair.


Foundation Crack Repair: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late Louisville!

Frequently, our foundation company works with a homeowner who waited too long. Trust us, we get it! Foundation repair sounds daunting. It’s often associated with words like “time-consuming” or “expensive.” The bottom line is that the longer you hold off on calling your friendly, local foundation experts, the longer and more pricey the project can be. When cracks are not stopped and remediated, they can expand and worsen, causing unnecessary stress in the future. 

Contact Louisville Foundation Repair Pros to stop your foundation’s cracks in their tracks! We have the knowledge, expertise, and insight you need for foundation repair services



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Hired them to correct shoddy construction in the crawl space of my large duplex condo. They inspected, measure, custom fit steel beams, and made more support points, with permanent adjustable jacks. No more sinking or cracks. Professional job.


Additional Foundation Repair Services Available

After you repair the crack in your home's foundation, why stop there?  Louisville Foundation Repair Pros offer a variety of services to improve the safety and stability of your home for generations to come. 

House Foundations

Crawl Spaces

Basement Waterproofing

Commercial Services

Outstanding Local Foundation Repair Services 

Don't wait to repair that crack in your foundation or waterproof your foundation from the elements! Contact your team of foundation experts at Louisville Foundation Repair Pros today at (502) 829-6911!
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