Signs That It’s Time to Invest in a Louisville Sump Pump!

August 28, 2020

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A Louisville sump pump is an excellent choice for any home suffering from consistent standing water, floods, and even excess dampness and humidity. A built-in sump pump collects water in a type of basin and then pumps it to another area, keeping a home dry and protecting exterior foundations, basement walls and floors, and other areas of the home from water damage.

If you’ve never had a sump pump inside or outside your home before, you might consider some signs that it’s time to call foundation contractors in Louisville and even a basement waterproofing company as well. Your contractor can note if a sump pump is the best choice for your home’s moisture problems and what type and model would work in your house in particular. They might also suggest added basement waterproofing for a Louisville home, so it’s always clean and dry, and safe for you and your family!

Address Frequent Flooding With a Sump Pump Louisville

Any home can suffer an occasional flood, such as caused by inclement weather. High winds and heavy rains might crack or otherwise damage basement windows, letting water into the home. A broken water heater or aquarium, burst pipe, and another such disaster might not indicate that your home needs a sump pump installation.

However, consider a Louisville sump pump installation if your home is prone to floods for any reason. Poor ventilation and insulation might result in excess humidity in the home, for example, and this moisture tends to collect in the basement, where air circulation and ventilation are at their lowest. Insufficient basement waterproofing can also mean frequent floods and standing water.

While it’s vital that a homeowner address structural or construction problems in the home, including poor ventilation and old plumbing, a sump pump is an excellent choice for ensuring your home’s safety in the meantime. They’re also very helpful if you live in an area prone to frequent outside flooding and inclement weather, as even the most structurally sound home might then suffer interior floods throughout the year!

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Consider a Louisville Sump Pump for Preventative Measures

Even if your home doesn’t suffer consistent floods, you might consider a Louisville sump pump installation as a preventative measure! For example, if your home’s plumbing pipes are several years old but you’re not ready to replace them just yet, a sump pump makes quick work of removing water if a pipe should burst.

A homeowner might also want to consider an outside Louisville sump pump installation if the property is at risk of flooding for any reason. As an example, if there is a septic tank or well on your property or a neighboring plot of land, a sump pump installation is an excellent choice for protecting your home in case either of those features should back up or flood. Downed trees especially on rural roads can also cause flash flooding, leading to extensive water damage in a home.

Your home might also be structurally sound now, without foundation cracks and other such damage, so it hasn’t suffered inside floods during the area’s stormy summer season and due to heavy snowfall in the wintertime. However, if you don’t want to risk extensive water damage in the future, you might consider a Louisville sump pump now, to prevent costly repairs if your home should flood.

Remove Excessive Humidity With a Sump Pump in a Louisville Home

While excessive humidity might result in standing water in a basement, this isn’t always the case. However, most homeowners with trapped humidity in the home will notice a damp, clammy feeling in their basement during cooler months and an excessively warm and humid feeling during summertime.

Excess humidity doesn’t need to result in standing water or floods to cause damage, as drywall and other materials absorb moisture from the air, leading to softening of those materials, cracks, chips, and the like. That excess humidity also means an increased risk of mold and mildew, and an unpleasant musty odor as well!

If you notice your home’s basement is especially humid, and sense a musty or otherwise unpleasant odor from the space, it’s time for a Louisville sump pump installation. A sump pump will help collect any moisture along the basement floor and other such surfaces, reducing interior humidity levels and protecting your home from damage and unpleasant odors.

Compensate for Poor Drainage With a Louisville Sump Pump

Residential properties are graded or sloped in a way that allows excess moisture in the soil to run away from the home, rather than collect around its foundation. When a property suffers from poor drainage you might notice exterior foundation cracks that lead to water inside the home.

Correcting this drainage issue ensures your home is protected, as does a Louisville sump pump installation. You might find that better grading doesn’t address poor drainage completely so that the home’s basement still collects excess water. A sump pump in your Louisville home is an excellent choice for removing that humidity and moisture you cannot seem to direct away from your home even with better grading!

Consider a Sump Pump in Louisville Before Finishing the Basement

Finishing a basement is often a costly investment, but one that pays off in terms of added living space and potentially even a means of income, if you were to create a separate apartment for someone. Because a homeowner often invests a large amount of time and money in finishing a basement, you might consider a Louisville sump pump installation during the process, to protect your investment!

If you choose basement waterproofing before finishing the space or have never experienced issues with floods and standing water, a sump pump is an excellent choice for ensuring your new space stays clean and dry, and hygienic for those using it. You won’t need to worry about a burst pipe or flash flood causing excessive damage when you choose a sump pump in Louisville installation and can rest assured that your new space is protected from damage.


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